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  • We encourage people who can afford it to become a Sustaining Member at $50 per year.
  • We also offer low-income unemployed people, students and pensioners a concession rate of $10 per year
  • Members are sent a member’s pack including heaps of useful information, local contact information, some stickers and leaflets, and your membership card. Sorry, we do not accept overseas memberships at this time.
  • Donations in addition to the minimum membership fee are really appreciated and will greatly assist us to reach our goals. Please consider setting up a regular A/P or choose one of the monthly Paypal options below. Donations let us produce campaign materials and support other people to be more effective activists.

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  • How you get involved is really up to you, and depends on your skills, time, energy, commitment, interests, likes and dislikes. Have a read of our campaign plan. You might be good at organising events and parties, or raffles, protests, tours, distributing leaflets, putting up posters, servicing things (eg, vehicles, computers, photocopiers etc), or writing letters or articles (to newspapers, MPs, local groups, for NORML’s own publications and leaflets etc), or drawing /painting/graphic design, or whatever else you can think of that would help change our cannabis laws.
  • What happened to Norml News magazine? Unfortunately printing magazines became a substantial burden on NORML and they are no longer being published. An analysis found the magazine was expensive to print and distribute, took a lot of time to produce, and was of limited effectiveness. Instead there is an online edition of Norml News, compiling recent news and events, and we are focusing on social media, our website, and developing new campaign materials. We think this new emphasis will have a much greater effect in promoting law reform. We hope you agree and continue to support our efforts in reforming our outdated and counter-productive laws.