Campaign priorities

NORML works for safe legal and affordable access to cannabis, and has endorsed two models developed for New Zealand: the CHOISE model and the NZ Drug Foundation’s Model Drug Law.

New Zealand’s Medicinal Cannabis Scheme allows domestic production (but not self-provision), has created a legal defence for terminally ill patients to use cannabis (but not to legally obtain it), and has removed Cannabidiol (CBD) from the Misuse of Drugs Act.

NORML supports further reform for medicinal cannabis, including over-the-counter access to more affordable products. NORML has adopted a Four-Point Model for Patient-Focused Medicinal Cannabis Law Reform:

  • allow botanical cannabis as well as pharmaceutical preparations;
  • immediate effect, not a long term pathway;
  • allow domestic production, to bring down costs and increase availability; and
  • allow self provision – grow/make your own herbal remedy.

NORML’s campaign themes

Cannabis should be a health issue, not a crime (now Government policy)

A regulated, adults-only, taxable market for low risk substances like cannabis (now advocated by the NZ Drug Foundation, and former Minister Peter Dunne)

One in twenty Kiwis use cannabis medicinally and need safe, legal and affordable access to natural cannabis as well as refined products (now advocated by almost everyone)

NORML’s current projects

  • Medicinal cannabis access – promoting affordable and safe options including home growing, self provision, and herbal/food grade products in addition to the current pharmaceutical products
  • Decriminalisation of use and possession of cannabis (including utensils)
  • Legalising safe supply via growing your own and allowing non-profit Cannabis Social Clubs where members can produce, obtain and consume cannabis at members-only premises
  • Until the law changes, calling for a cannabis armistice or amnesty on arrests, so police can focus on more important matters
  • Repeal and replace the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975 with a new law that is fit for purpose
  • Provide support for patients and health practitioners to further understanding of the benefits of therapeutic uses of cannabis

Our ongoing activities include:

  • Annual Conference – usually June or November
  • Printing leaflets and stickers for free distribution
  • Website updates and increasing our social media presence
  • Annual J Day held the first Saturday of May every year (in 2018, it is Saturday 5 May)
  • NORML Bustline (09-3025255) providing support and advice for victims of prohibition
  • NORML Awards
  • NORML Grant Programme
  • Nurture independent activists or groups with mentoring, advice and resources
  • Fundraising programmes as required

Local branches, online groups and individual activism

Consider forming a local NORML branch or activist group if there isn’t one in your area (please contact us for more information). Branches are more effective than working alone, are provided with campaign materials and can apply for part-funding of local projects. Local groups have their own activities, as well as taking part in the campaigns and projects listed above. These may include local letter-writing campaigns, stalls at local events, fundraising raffles, and so on.

A lot of activity is now on social media. We encourage you to join the NORML Facebook group. If you spent a lot of time on line and have a calm, humorous temperament join NORML’s Organised Response Crew, to rapidly and effectively respond to online coverage, help neutralise damaging arguments, spread out campaign themes, and mentor budding online activists.

While social media has become an incredibly useful organising tool, it is important that activism also takes part in the real world and is not confined to an online bubble. With opinion polls showing almost 80% support for medicinal cannabis, and 60% support for wider legalisation, there is no reason to be afraid to bring up the topic with your friends, family, club members or co-workers.

Whatever you do, make the most of your efforts

We are NORML people. We show courtesy, integrity, perseverance and self-control towards all. Don’t act alone. Form a local NORML support group – unity is strength. Share it. Support those who “go public”. Build on the work of those who have gone before you. Be consistent. Promote and use our campaign themes (above). Build relationships with your local media, other advocates, community leaders and local politicians. Do it in the real world, not just online. Everyone can do something – write a letter, share our posts on Facebook, give NORML a donation, hand out leaflets, put up signs, help with stalls, vigils, or protests. Become a member!

Here are some more ways you can help

  • Make a donation to keep us working. ASB “NORML NZ Inc” 12-3057-0594667-00.
    Setting up an automatic payment is a great way of supporting our work!
  • Sign up to join NORML’s distribution network: help get our leaflets, billboards, stickers around your local area.
  • Run stalls or hand out leaflets at events in your area.
  • Get our leaflets into local stores, clubs or doctor’s surgeries and top them up.
  • Ask your MP for help to end the “War on Drugs” / change the outdated Misuse of Drugs Act 1975. Sending an email is easy. Sending a proper letter is even better, or visit in person to really make an impact. Be polite and reasonable. Let us know how they respond.
  • Get on the electoral roll and vote for parties and local candidates that support cannabis law reform (Ph 0800 800 610 or any post office).
  • Write letters to the local paper or leave comments on their site – it is vital that we all respond to any cannabis-related articles.
  • Ring talkback radio – using a nom de chanvre if you prefer.
  • School up! For answers to common questions, polls and key facts see
  • Learn your civil rights and teach them to your friends.
  • Talk to your family and friends.
  • Speak up at any groups you belong to (such as environmental groups, sports clubs, church groups, Rotary, etc) to pass a motion supporting cannabis law reform.
  • Like us on Facebook. Join our Twitter feed (@normlnz) and check look around our website for heaps more information.

Do any of these ideas and projects specifically appeal to you? Or do you have skills, contacts or advice related to what we are doing? We would love to hear from you!

Please contact us if you would like NORML’s leaflets and campaign materials to distribute into appropriate local stores, doctor’s offices etc; civil rights leaflets for local Court Support actions; to get involved with any of our current projects; or to be put in touch with other local groups.

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