How you can help

We are 400,000 strong and we will change the law! Here is how you can help:

  1. Don’t act alone.

    Form a local NORML support group – unity is strength. Facebook it.

  2. Decide who will “go public”

    Support those who do (donate/grow some stuff for them!)

  3. Find out

    about the Law Commission review of the Misuse of Drugs Act, due mid-April

  4. Ask your MP

    for help to end the “War on Drugs” declared by President Nixon in 1971! Don’t send an email. If you want to be taken seriously, send a proper letter or visit in person.

  5. Get ready

    for NORML’s election campaign, “Too Many Smokers to Arrest”. Unite to make the politicians listen to us!

    • Cannabis – safe, legal, medicine
    • A Regulated, Adults-Only, Taxable Market
    • It’s a Health Issue, Not a Crime!
  6. Everyone can do something

    Write a letter, post hot news on your Facebook page, give NORML a donation: 12 3057 0594667-00, or Cannabus account 12 3057 0594667-03; sell NORML raffle tickets, hand out leaflets, put up signs, help with stalls, vigils, Court support or protests. Sign up at J Day!

We are NORML people

We show courtesy, integrity, perseverance and self control towards all. Contact us at or

Freedom is NORML!

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