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All about medical applications of cannabis, including FAQs, medical conditions that cannabis helps, how to get approval New Zealand, possible law reform options, details of other countries, and the stories of prosecuted patients here in New Zealand.

It’s 420 Day! How to celebrate cannabis safety under lockdown

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This year, the entire month of April is “4/20” month too – and expectations were high, so to speak, that a month of 420’s leading into J Day would provide a foundation for activism leading into the cannabis referendum. Instead, the global coronavirus lockdown has left cannabis consumers, including Kiwi patients, without their usual access and exposed to misinformation.

NZ’s medicinal cannabis scheme takes effect 1 April 2020 – here’s what it means for you

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New Zealand’s new medicinal cannabis scheme has gone live, with regulations taking effect on 1 April 2020. Any doctor can now prescribe cannabis products to any patient, and local production is allowed – but no new cannabis products are available, and producers cannot yet apply for licences. This has left many patients wondering what the scheme really means for them.

Medicinal cannabis wins and polls point to cannabis referendum’s recipe for success

Improvements to New Zealand’s new medicinal cannabis scheme – together with recent polling – suggest how we can win the cannabis referendum, writes Chris Fowlie. Originally published on The Daily… Read more »

New Zealand Medicinal Cannabis Use Research Survey 2019

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The first NZ medicinal cannabis patient research survey was launched on J-Day this year, drawing immediate attention with over 1300 people accessing it in the first two weeks. The survey, which is online only, is sponsored by medicinal cannabis patient advocacy organisation MCANZ, and aims to have 2000 people complete the survey questionnaire by July 31st, when participation closes.

How Patients Could Access Medicinal Cannabis by Christmas

These ten fixes can all be done this year though regulations or updates to policy, with no law change needed. I want New Zealand to be a world leader in medicinal cannabis, and for patients to have legal access by Christmas this year. Let’s do it!

Pots for Patients – rally on Queen St, Auckland, Saturday 4th August

Rally and Art Installation calling for a Moratorium on Medicinal Cannabis Patients and their supporters until the Laws are altered. Decorate your terracotta pots commemorating patients denied safe access to… Read more »

Cross-party support needed on medicinal cannabis – response to Govt and National Party medicinal cannabis bills

With three bills before Parliament this year, medicinal cannabis advocates are calling for cross-party support for sensible solutions. Changes to the Government’s medicinal cannabis bill don’t go far enough, while the National… Read more »

Medicinal cannabis bill: Do what is best for patients, MPs urged.

The Government’s medicinal cannabis bill is back before parliament today – with MPs being urged to do what’s best for patients, not politics. Responding to reports the National Party intends to withdraw… Read more »

We’re all human: A cannabis patient’s report from Parliament By Rebecca Reider

BY REBECCA REIDER It was one of those days for remembering why I’m alive and why I’m in this fight. Wow.  I traveled to speak at Parliament twice last month… Read more »

MEDIA RELEASE: Cannabis patients testify at Parliament

Medicinal cannabis patients and caregivers will be descending on Parliament in large numbers on Monday 30 April to give their testimonies at the Health Select Committee. Hearings on the government’s… Read more »

NORML’s submission on the Govt’s medicinal cannabis bill

Hearings on the Government’s medicinal cannabis law reform bill continue throughout April and May, with NORML New Zealand delivering on Wednesday 11th April an unsubmissive submission on behalf of impatient… Read more »

NORML’s guide to making an effective submission on the 2018 Medicinal Cannabis Bill

Parliament’s Health Select Committee is accepting submissions on the Government’s Medicinal Cannabis Amendment Bill. Submissions are being accepted now until March 21. >> Download this guide as a handy 2-page… Read more »

Submissions now open on Medicinal Cannabis Bill (deadline 21 March 2018)

Parliament unanimously passed the Government’s Medicinal Cannabis Amendment Bill, and the Health Select Committee has wasted no time in opening submissions from the public. NORML will be writing a submission… Read more »

Action alert: Medicinal cannabis reform in NZ is on the line this week – your voice is needed.

What’s happening: The first vote on Green MP Chloe Swarbrick’s medicinal cannabis bill is on Wed, Jan 31st. It’s going to be a conscience vote, meaning MPs can vote on their personal… Read more »