On 95bFM’s weekly Marijuana Media show, NORML’s Chris Fowlie made a few predictions for 2024. Check the pot-cast for more!

  1. The current settings won’t change. See: Luxon (above), election campaign, coalition agreements, 100 day plan. This is good news! The Medical Cannabis Scheme will remain, with access to flower; police discretion will stay in place; substance checking is safe. Labour also won’t do anything this year, but expect some testing of the waters next year.
  2. There will be more, cheaper, flower available on prescription including NZ Grown, and we might see safe spaces for medical consumption (a.k.a cannabis social clubs, for people with prescriptions).
  3. Cannabis law reform will happen around us. Australia will debate legalising cannabis. The Cook Islands joins our South Pacific Cannabis-Friendly Zone.

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