On 16 April 2014, TV3’s Campbell Live asked viewers “Is it time to decriminalise marijuana for personal use?”

In a staggering result, the poll showed 84 percent of you said yes it should be, while 16 percent said no.

Of course, the poll follows the spotlight Campbell Live has shone on synthetic cannabis, and the fact many users we spoke to would rather smoke cannabis, but of course it is illegal to do so.

We thought it was time to ask MPs what they thought, given they have the power to change the law of the land.

Dan Parker, with the help of 3 News Political Editor Patrick Gower put the questions to MPs as they crossed the bridge into the House this afternoon.

Watch the full video.

TV3’s The Vote programme polled viewers on 22 May 2013, and found 72% support for cannabis law reform. Other polls have shown there is increasing public support for ending the insane War on Drugs.

A Horizon poll in 2012 found 540,000 New Zealanders used cannabis in the past year (approx 12% of the population), with 70,000 lighting up every day (approx 1.5%). Campbell Live’s poll clearly shows that most people who support changing the cannabis laws do not use cannabis themselves, contrary to the assumptions of many in the media and politics.