NORML New Zealand was proud to be a part of the Druglawed documentary project and excited to help support the production of Druglawed 2.

Druglawed 1 featured interviews with a who’s-who of NZ cannabis law reform, including NORML board members Chris Fowlie, Phil Saxby, Dakta Green and Geoff Noller.

Now, with the help of The Hempstore, we are providing office space for director Arik Reiss and are assisting with fundraising efforts for Druglawed 2.

Please check out the Kickstarter campaign page, and give the project your support. You can pledge any amount, and we are confident all funds will be money well spent. Arik operates on a shoe string budget and your donation will go a long way!

Donate to Druglawed 2 with Kickstarter

Check out the fundraising video below:

Donate to Druglawed 2 with Kickstarter

Following the successful release of DRUGLAWED (which is currently doing the rounds in film fesitvals throughout the world) new developments and untold stories emerged that demanded a sequel be produced! We have already: PRODUCED A FEATURE DOCUMENTARY, BEEN ACCEPTED INTO FESTIVALS, FILMED NEW MATERIAL IN ISRAEL, AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND – NOW THE PRODUCTION MUST GO TO URUGUAY TO FILM HISTORY IN THE MAKING! This Kickstarter is to fund PART 4 OF DL2… IF YOU PLEDGED TOWARDS DRUGLAWED 1 YOU’LL KNOW THAT EVEN THOUGH WE HAD A SHOESTRING BUDGET OUR PRODUCTION VALUES ARE VERY HIGH AND YOUR $$$ WILL GO A LONG WAY

Four principal stars from four vastly different countries will form the backbone of another epic film documenting the war on cannabis, and how that war is finally winding down after almost a century of prohibition.

SCIENTIST: Part 1 of DL2 has already been shot in Israel, featuring Professor Raphael Mechoulam, the legendary chemist who discovered the THC molecule in the 1960s. We have incredible footage from Israel – clinics, dispensaries, hospitals, laboratories and grow facilities comprising the largest state sponsored medical cannabis program in the world. This is where the most advanced scientific research on cannabis is being conducted.

SMUGGLER: Part 2 of DL2 is based in New Zealand & Australia and has been largely filmed already, featuring Paramahansa Das, an international smuggler who was caught by the DEA and forced to work as an informant during his 14 years of incarceration. He delivers a scathing endictment of the War on Drugs, particularly as it pertains to medical cases, such as Alex Renton, the first Kiwi to ever receive an exemption to use cannabis in New Zealand. We have interviewed patients and medical practitioners across New Zealand, New South Wales and Victoria whose astonishing testimony cannot be ignored.

SPOKESWOMAN: Part 3 of DL2 features Cheryl Shuman, the “Martha Stewart of Marijuana” and founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club. Cheryl is on the forefront of cannabis law reform, publicity management, venture capital and entrepreneurship, blazing a trail towards the Federal repeal of prohibition as she presides over North America’s potcom boom. This segment will be filmed by our associates in Los Angeles.

STATESMAN: Part 4 of DL2 will feature José Mujica, former President of Uruguay, who is the first national leader to legalise cannabis. We will also examine Uruguay’s exploding hemp industry and their groundbreaking progress towards establishing a regulatory framework for the production and retail sales of cannabis.

Risks and challenges

With our design work already completed during Druglawed 1, our soundtrack music already recorded, and tons of unused B-roll footage already in the can, we feel the production of DL2 will be a lot easier than it was for DL1. Therefore meeting our April 2017 deadline will be challenging, but certainly not impossible. In the event we cannot release the entire film by that time, we will begin releasing it in serial form!