Courts, police, prosecutors, the media and the general public often have highly unrealistic views of cannabis growers, their motives, how much they produce, and how it is sold. This often means cannabis growers are charged (and convicted) for excessive amounts and inflated values. Now you can help. If you have ever grown cannabis in New Zealand, do this anonymous survey.

The World Wide Weed research team (a.k.a. the Global Cannabis Cultivation Research Consortium, or GCCRC) welcomes you to our international project website.

We are a group of researchers interested in better understanding domestic cannabis cultivation, especially by small-scale growers. Our current project involves a core online questionnaire developed for an international audience of cannabis growers. We want to better understand who grows cannabis, reasons for growing, methods of growing, and experience with the criminal justice system – and how these factors differ across national borders.

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The general community typically has unrealistic views about people who grow cannabis. We want you to help set the record straight by completing an anonymous questionnaire. Find your country and click the survey link to find out more.

The survey is conducted by Massey University in Auckland. The site is hosted on encrypted servers in the Netherlands, where cannabis is legal. The aim of the survey is to dispel myths and help make perceptions of cannabis growers more evidence-based. It could be used in Courts to restore a touch of sanity to proceedings that often seem out of this world.

NORML NZ’s president Chris Fowlie has been advising the Massey Uni team on many of the questions, from small changes such as Kiwi vernacular through to finding out how many growers do it for medical use or other ‘non profit’ reasons.

The survey takes around 15-30 minutes to complete, and we at NORML think it is worthwhile. Again, it is anonymous and hosted offshore. However if you are still concerned about being traced, use a VPN or go to an internet cafe.

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Please share or post in your networks – we need several hundred participants to make the survey valid. Thanks!