Saturday 5th May 2012 is the 20th Annual J Day!

UPDATE 7 MAY: Thanks to everyone who came or who helped make it happen. Photos on Facebook!

Come along and show your support. J Day is free, runs from High Noon to after 4:20, and is intended for adults only (R18). Bring a banner, your buddies, wear your favourite pot t shirt (or a power suit/dress!), paint yourself green, or just come along to learn something new and find out what all the fuss is about.

Confirmed events are happening in these cities:

  • AUCKLAND: Albert Park (Princes St, CBD). The line up is: Bulletproof, Jah Love Sounds, Exile, Locksteady & Prospect, JRed, jAfA Mafia w. Jah Red Lion and Silva mc. Plus guest speakers, stalls, art installation, and be ready for a huge group photo at 4:20!
  • HASTINGS: meet at the Library, then on to secret location!
  • WELLINGTON: Frank Kitts Park
  • CHRISTCHURCH: New Brighton beach
  • DUNEDIN: The Octagon
  • HAMILTON, TAURANGA, NEW PLYMOUTH – cancelled sorry

J Day is an international celebration of the cannabis culture and protest against prohibition, held on the first Saturday in May every year in over 200 cities around the world. In New Zealand J Day has been held every year since 1992. NORML extends a big thanks to all the volunteers, artists, sponsors and organisers who help make J Day happen – you are appreciated! Please join us, and help make every day a J Day!

It’s time to stop arresting responsible cannabis consumers. Responsible cannabis use causes no harm to society and should be of no interest to the government. At least 400,000 Kiwis choose to use cannabis; few abuse it. NORML supports the removal of all penalties for the private possession of marijuana by adults, cultivation for personal use, and the casual nonprofit transfers of small amounts. NORML also supports the development of a legally controlled market for marijuana. Our preferred model is for tightly-regulated non-profit Cannabis Social Clubs serving their local communities. NORML’s “Principles of Responsible Cannabis Use” defines acceptable conduct. We show courtesy, integrity, perseverance and self control toward all.

1. Don’t act alone.  Form a local NORML support group – unity is strength. Facebook it. Support those who go public.
2. Find out about the Law Commission review of the Misuse of Drugs Act.
3. Ask your MP for help to end the “War on Drugs” declared by President Nixon in 1971! Don’t send an email. If you want to be taken seriously, send a proper letter or visit in person.
4. Promote these concepts / slogans:
· Cannabis – safe, legal, medicine
· A Regulated, Adults-Only, Taxable Market
· It’s a Health Issue, Not a Crime!
5. Everyone can do something – write a letter, visit your MP, give NORML a donation (12-3057-0594667-00), hand out leaflets, put up signs, help with stalls, vigils, Court support or protests.  Sign up at J Day, and remember: Freedom is NORML!

Before you come to J Day, learn your rights at including this Statement to Police:

Officer, if I am under arrest or being detained, please tell me so.
If I am free to go, please tell me so. If I am not free to go, please tell me why.
I wish to exercise all my legal rights including my right to silence and my right to speak to a lawyer before I say anything to you.
I do not consent to be searched. I wish to be released without delay.
Please do not ask me questions, because I will not willingly talk to you until I speak to a lawyer.
Thank you for respecting my rights.

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