The National Organisation for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (Norml) is conducting a survey of all members of Parliament.

Norml president Julian Crawford sent the following survey to MPs along with stamped self addressed envelopes.

“It is important for our membership to know where each and every MP stands on cannabis and hemp related issues,” he said.

The survey questions are:

1) Do you support removing penalties for personal use of cannabis?

2) Do you support removing penalties for personal cultivation and distribution of small amounts of cannabis?

3) Do you support removing penalties for the medical use of cannabis?

4) Do you support a regulated, taxable market for the commercial trading of cannabis?

5) Do you support the immediate release of all prisoners serving jail terms for cannabis-only offending?

6) Do you support the pardoning and issuing of compensation to all New Zealanders with a cannabis conviction?

7) Do you support the Law Commission’s recommendations relating to cannabis?

8) Given that the cannabis plant cannot be patented, who should fund the clinical trials of cannabis recommended by the Law Commission?

9) In your opinion, does the approval by Health Minister Tony Ryall of pharmaceuticals made from cannabis (Sativex) give New Zealand based pharmaceutical companies the same right to produce cannabis products domestically? (To avoid a monopoly in the cannabis pharmaceutical market).

10) Do you support FSANZ’s proposed legalisation of hemp food products?

11) Do you think that Medsafe is the wrong government department to be issuing hemp cultivation licences?

12) Do you think it should be made easier to obtain a hemp cultivation licence in New Zealand?

13) Do you or your party have any plans to introduce legislation in
this term of government relating to the relaxation of cannabis laws?

14) Are you or your party willing to introduce legislation into the ballot drafted by Norml’s policy writers?

15) Do you want more information about Norml’s planned policy sent to you?

16) Do you want more information about cannabis sent to you?