NORML has launched a petition to the NZ Parliament saying what everyone knows – the only way to reduce the use of more risky synthetic cannabis is by allowing natural cannabis.

Even though synthetic cannabis products have now been banned in New Zealand, they will just be pushed underground and into the control of criminals. Prohibition did not work for alcohol, is not working for cannabis, and will not work for synthetic cannabis. The only way to deal with it is to allow the real thing as a safer option. Cannabis is not zero risk, but it is certainly safer than untested synthetic chemicals.

Our petition says:

To the New Zealand House of Representatives:

WE THE UNDERSIGNED, request that the House of Representatives pass legislation regulating the availability of natural cannabis in order to reduce the use of more risky synthetic highs.

To sign, please download the Petition here:

Petition to reduce synthetic highs

Post completed forms to:

PO Box 3307
Shortland St
Auckland 1140

Then let your MP know what you think:

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