NORML’s 3-step plan is simple yet effective:

  1. You must be enrolled to vote in the cannabis referendum. While voter enrollment is high among older conservative people, it tends to be lower among young people. We need to do all we can to ensure everyone is enrolled to vote. Enrol or check your status now at or call 0800 56 76 36, it only takes a few minutes. Do it now!
  2. Vote on election day (17 October 2020), or you can avoid crowds and vote early from 3 October. This year, voting booths will be in popular places places like malls, and you can enrol on the day you vote, at the voting place. So there’s no excuse to not vote!
  3. Enjoy legal cannabis! Adults aged over 20 will be able to grow their own at home, consume cannabis in private places such as at home or in specially licences premises, and can purchase cannabis from licensed outlets. Sales taxes won’t increase the price but will support local health and education. Licensing will prioritise social enterprises, non-profits, and small craft growers. There’s a lot to like about the referendum Bill, and we will all have the opportunity to make it even better – if we vote Yes.

Remember, the *only* way we can stop arresting adults who chose cannabis, is to change the law by voting Yes.