Sue Grey Lawyer from Nelson, New Zealand is taking our Ministry of Health to the High Court to release CBD from the Misuse of Drugs  1975.

NORML recommends donating to this fund to enable Sue Grey to continue her work on this important case. More information about the legal challenge, which NORML supports, is here. The case will benefit many thousands of patients, and bring NZ into line with the rest of the world where CBD is widely available. Sue Grey has a great track record of supporting patients and enabling cannabis law reform, and was joint co-winner of NORML’s David R Currie Award for cannabis activism in 2016.

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CBD is the non psychoactive ingredient in Hemp and Cannabis. Its healing ability is world reknown and only Australia and NZ ban its use. This natural non-toxic health supplement needs to be available as a prescription or over the counter medication to thousands of New Zealanders. Sue’s time so far has been free, however to continue into court we need your help with funding.

All funds raised will pay Sue Greys Legal expenses incurred with this case. It includes her time, travel, telephone accounts and court fees. Accounts will be kept to be verified of all expenses.

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My name is Rose Renton, I have been involved since my son Alex Renton was the first New Zealander to use CBD (Elixinol) medicine while in an induced coma in Wellington ICU in 2015. Alex died aged 19, on 1st July 2015 after 88 days in ICU. Permission given by Peter Dunne (Ass. Health Minister) took weeks due to unnecessary paperwork delays and lack of education by both our government and health officals at hospital. I have been working with Sue Grey ever since to enable change to our current laws to bring CBD to NZ patients.

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Funds will be paid to a verified bank account of Sue Grey.